Hale County Meals on Wheels, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Donations are tax deductible.  To make a donation, checks should be mailed to Hale County Meals on Wheels, P. O. Box 1984, Plainview, Texas 79073.  Please indicate if your donation is intended as an honorarium (for honoring someone living; an acknowledgement will be sent to person honored); a memorial (for honoring someone deceased; acknowledgement sent to family member of your choosing); or as a general donation.

Your gift will be used to provide meals to clients on the state’s waiting list, to provide meals to clients on hospice care, and to provide a meal for ten days for patients coming home from the hospital who live alone.

The cost of each of the approximately 120 meals delivered daily is $6.12.  For clients who qualify for state assistance based on age and disability, the state contributes $4.95.  Your gift supplements the difference between the cost of meals and the state’s reimbursement rate.  Clients who do not qualify for state assistance pay $4.00, your gift also supplements this cost difference.

Each fall, we deliver what we call a “snow box” containing non-perishable food to each client that is to be used in case inclement weather prevents our volunteers from delivering.  We also provide Shoebox Christmas gifts containing personal items such as shampoo and lotion to each client a few days before Christmas.  Your gift helps to cover the cost of the snow boxes and the Christmas gifts.

The clients, volunteers and director of Hale County Meals on Wheels are extremely grateful for everyone’s gifts and support to help fulfill a significant need in our community.  We appreciate your generous support.